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head coach

Aggeliki Gerolymou introduces herself also as Gero, her nick name in the fields of water polo. Aggeliki discovered her competitive fire and athletic spirit in the swimming pool at an early age. After a successful eight years of competitive swimming, just when she'd hung up her goggles, she discovered the exciting sport of waterpolo where she was playing as a professional athlete for at least 16 years. During her career she achieved the highest distingtion as an Olympian in Bejing 2008, followed by Gold World Champion medal in Shanghai 2011, as well as several European ones as a National team member. Since 2015 she is a federal water polo coach in women’s National Greek Team.


Aggeliki is the director and one of the founded members of Street Workout Athens, Elite Athletes Program and Skiathos Retreat. She worked as a Fitness Instructor and a Fitness manager in Vouliagmeni Nautical Club while she run for 2 years the physical condition programs for the Greek National men’s and women’s Water Polo  teams and for the Nautical Club Vouliagmeni. Since 2015 she is coaching in Elite Athletes Program from Kosteas Geitonas School.


Aggeliki connects and empowers people through fitness. Her goal is to motivate, inspire and teach others how to infuse their lives with energy. Her mission is to share, teach and help others to maintain fit, have confidence and commitment to their health and lifestyle. She has had the luxury to train and work with people from all walks of life including elite athletes, coaches, water polo national teams women and men. Aggeliki's passion in helping people find the athlete version of themselves.

Tonia Gounitsioti

head coach

Tonia Gounitsioti is the director and one of the founded members of Street Workout Athens and Skiathos Retreat. She is a Professor of Physical Education, specialized in Swimming coaching and Management and Marketing in Sports. As a professional swimmer she had achieved gold and silver  National Swimming Competitions. She is certified as a Group and Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor, a Master Trainer of Peak Pilates, Master Trainer in Lebert Fitness and director of Pilates education in Base Training since 2012. She is certified by EXOS former Athletes Performance – Core Performance training system in U.S. since 2007.


Furthermore Tonia is a presenter of many seminars, such as sports performance, functional training, Power Plate training, Peak Pilates Certificates. She delivers lectures and articles on new training methods such as functional training. Nowadays, Tonia directs a team of performance, nutrition and rehabilitation specialists in her gym in Athens and she owns a new club called “Street Workout Athens” which is a unique outdoor Gym placed in a park, in the heart of Athens. 


Her favourite role is mentoring and teaching at conferences, at club level and individuals. She works for 15 years in the area of Health, Fitness and Well-being. She is training clients one-to-one or small groups at least 20 hours per week. She loves inspiring her clients to greater personal growth and a higher level of fitness. She is passionate about developing and implementing of cutting edge safe and comprehensive fitness programs that address the trainees mentality as much as their physical well being.





Katerina Lyrantzaki loved working out since childhood. She played handball until she went to the university to become a german teacher. Fitness was always her first priority so after teaching for three years she finally decided to do what she loved the most: follow a healthy way of living and motivate others too.


She studied at Base Training becoming a Personal Trainer (Basic Certification). The Group Training Instructor Certificate followed and just after that she experienced the beauty and benefits of Pilates , was taught by Tonia Gounitsioti (Peak Pilates Master Trainer) and became a Pilates Instructor. For her the fitness journey has just started but her goal for the others and herself stays always the same: to become the strongest, healthiest and happiest person you can be.



Konstantinos in the very young age realized that sports and fitness is the only way that he wants to live. So he improved his knowledge in fitness and power by achieving his goals in many sports. His biggest inclination was in boxing, having many cups and medals in his assets, as a Greek champion. He equally been involved in coaching boxing.


In combination with his athletic career he completed his studies at Base Training becoming a Personal Trainer, a Group Training Instructor and during his school life he was certified in Αqua aerobic. He also trained at Functional training and TRX.


His coaching journey has just begun and aims to convey his love for the healthy lifestyle to his apprentices and continue to evolve to what he has chosen.


pilates instructor

Ioanna Vagge is a Dance Teacher and a Personal & Group trainer. First signs for loving dance and fitness came up since she was a child. She graduated from Professional Dance School of “Rallou Manou” in 2006 when started her Professional steps, while she continued Dance & Fitness training through professional seminars of Greek and Foreign dance instructors based on various kinds of dances Contemporary, Funk Jazz, Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House Dance, Dancehall. She is also a member of “Adagio” Hip Hop Dance Team with much discrimination at several dance contests.


Following all above, she was certified by “Fitness Australia” as a “DanceXtreme” presenter and as Stretching instructor by B.F.S Academy. She presented DanceXtreme at several Fitness conventions in Greece and other countries, and finally her life dream came true as she graduated from Base Training as Personal & Group trainer .She also graduated as a  Pilates Instructor at : Matwork, props & equipment (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac).She is also certified as Pre & Post Natal Pilates instructor by “The Pilates Academy of London”.


Ioanna Vagge draws energy while contributing in a positive way in people’s life, and her moto is: “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in”.


pilates instructor 

Maria Abrazi shares her passion for fitness 10 years now in various fields . She studied all about Sports and Physical Education in University in Athens . In her early ages she achieved her Diploma in Professional Ballet (RAD) and she got certified as an Aerobic & Personal Training instructor. She also graduated as a physiotherapist in College IEK AKMI.


Maria loves to teach how it should be the ideal body form. Her dream is to find always the way to train for a better functional movement in everyday life. The last 8 years she is mastering on Pilates Method, Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga. 


For years, she worked as a Pilates Coordinator in Holmes Place. Being more conscious and deeply dedicated to the Pilates Method she teaches lessons for a yearly Pilates Certification in Base Training in Athens. She strongly believes to an holistic life coaching method as an effective life changing idea. "The beginning is everything" says Maria.  




Being an athlete since his childhood, Alexandros Agapitos has incorporated athletic spirit in his lifestyle from very early. This spirit, combined with his innate intention to help others, led him to the field of health, rehabilitation, and fitness. His moto, after all, is that there is nothing impossible for those who try.


As part of his training, he attended and graduated from the Physiotherapy Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Moreover, he possesses the black belt certification in Kick Boxing from the World KickBoxing Association (WKA) and dealt with the coaching part of boxing  as well. He is, also, a certified- by the LifeguardHellas- lifeguard. 


Concerning the personal training part, Alexandros obtained the ‘Basic Fitness & Personal training Certification’ at Βase Τraining and, later, got specialized in group training, functional training, athletic trampoline, and Pilates mat L1, under the instruction of Tonia Gounitsioti (Peak Pilates master trainer) and Maria Amprazi.


yoga instructor 

Valia comes from Crete and back in 2014 graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Komotini. The same year (2014) she was introduced to yoga in the educational organization YogaWorks of USA (200RTY) by the experienced teacher Anna Zorzou.


Subsequently, her love for gymnastics led her to other trainings like those of Personal trainer ,group fitness instructor ,Pilates, TRX, Yoga kids. Additionally she has been trained at the first aids of the Red Cross.


Her professional life since then includes yoga teaching to adults & children groups, but also group and personal programs individually. She strongly believes that movement is the healing for the body and the alignment of body motion is the awareness of inner energy. Yoga for Valia gives to everybody the tools to workout on the alignment of body, mind and soul paths. 


nutritionist - dietitian

Iro Gounitsioti is a Dietician and Nutritionist M.Sc. and her fields of expertise are Clinical Nutrition, as well as Clinical Diabetes. She is a freelance consultant based in Athens, working with clients in Greece and abroad. Iro is currently a team member of Street Workout Athens, as she undertakes nutritional assessment and consultation of athletes and sportspeople. 


Additionally, she collaborates with Medtronic in the Diabetes group, regarding advanced insulin management, insulin pumps and multiple daily injection solutions. She is also a nutritionist and speaker of Skiathos Retreat Detoxification, which is held annually in Skiathos since 2014.


In Thessaloniki, she cooperated with Ego Ideal - Mental Health Institute (2015 – 2018), in which, along with professionals, she provided a holistic approach and treatment of eating disorders and obesity. Further, for several years Iro worked in the Outpatient Clinic for Obesity and Diabetes type 1 and type 2, in the AHEPA Hospital (2012-2017).



yoga instructor 

Lila has been actively engaged in sports since a very young age and more specifically has been playing basketball for over 15 years (part of which professionally). The fast and demanding rhythms of everyday life have urged her to seek for alternative and more spiritual types of exercise. She has found this in Yoga, which she has been practicing for the past 7 years.


Her passion and dedication for practicing and transmitting the beauty and wellbeing of Yoga has inspired her to teach others. Practicing Yoga represents for Lila a way to live and enjoy the present through a holistic experience involving both body and soul and this is what she aspires to transmit to her students. Her main desire is to inspire her students to exercise while experiencing each movement with full conscientiousness, personal observation and introspection.


She is a certified instructor from YogaWorks. The system she has followed combines Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, putting great emphases on rhythmic breathing, detailed alignement of the body with an ultimate goal to empower the body while also enhancing its flexibility. 




Batsarof Nikos has many years of experience in action sports, in the very young age he discover that sports and fitness is his passion and he continues to improve his knowledge in fitness spending a lot of years learning new methods in fitness, now his aim is to help people through sports and fitness and his multiyear knowledge to acquire a shapely and healthy body.


He is Certified Kettlebell Instructor of IKFF  ,TRX suspension trainer and Pilates mat L1
Lately he has been particularly involved on Fitness in personal and group programs with direction in special populations as he is Certified in Special Population Base Training and holds a Personal and Group Training Certification.


nutritionist - dietitian

Elena Kouvdou from an early age she realized her love for sports.She liked to swim and run  chasing a ball and so suddenly found herself to be a goalkeeper on a field of waterpolo until today. Elena is a professional waterpolo athlete member of the  National  Women Team and has conquered many titles.Τhe most important title was the Gold medal in World Champion in 2011 and also she was voted as the best goalkeeper of the World. She has won several European Championships and World League as a member of National team.


In addition to her athletic career she completed her studies and graduated from the Department of Dietetics and Nutritional Science of the Ηarokopio University in Athens. She has participated in researches on the relationship of nutrition and sports performance. She completed her studies with a research associated with young waterpolo athletes, sporting performance and the genetic predisposition to obesity. She has worked in Special Anticancer Hospital METAXA in Piraeus with the object of diet of cancer patients. Also she has worked in Nasopoulos company in the department of processing and standardization of meat and production of meat preparations.


 Elena encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle that combines her  two loves (athletism and nutritional) and has make to believe that knowing the secret of longevity and good health.