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Get the background on what the Olympics were really about, in venues connected to real Olympic events. Find out more about how ancient Olympic athletes trained, while you will learn some techniques used by modern athletes before you compete in a race in the world’s first modern Olympic Stadium. More>

Γυμαστική στο Μέγαρο Μαξίμου

A run with Street Workout is a great way to explore Athens. You'll pass by famous landmarks and see a side of the city that you never knew existed. Sessions are tailor-made to your requirements, fitness levels and preferred distances, too, with classes for beginners and experienced runners alike. More>

Let Street Workout customise your class! Tell us how long you'll be staying in Athens, what kind or training you like, your preferred level of difficulty — and any other specifics you wish to work on — and we'll put together the best workout you've ever experienced, tailor-made for you!
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Street Workout customise your class

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In town for a short break or a longer holiday? Street Workout has a range of packages to suit every kind of traveller, whatever their level of fitness. Book your drop-in and start your STREET experience today! More>